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Hirington Global Research Academy is India’s first research and development organization that focuses on the development of hiring standards in the organizations and capabilities of recruitment professionals. We deliver high level capability enrichment and management programs pertaining to global standards of hiring through In-person and Online methods. Our programs are fresh and 100% Unique and customizable according to the experience of the HR Professionals. Complete practical sessions with real-time assignments and case studies. No more boring PPTs, Videos or Blackboard teaching.
Corporate and Consulting firms For Individuals
Recruitment Process Audit
Best Hiring Practices
Recruitment Analytics
Recruitment Mentoring Services
(Plug and Play Model)
Certified Recruitment Professional
(Level 1 / 2 / 3)
Certification on Resume Sourcing
Certified Social Media / Internet Hiring
Certified Recruitment Manager
Certified Interviewer
Certified Placement Professional
Six Pax Recruitment Program.

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We help recruiters and organizations with the Best Standards that describe good practices in HR Industry. We provide globally recognized credentials  that certify your recruitment expertise, and resources for professional development.

Gain confidence of candidates and clients 
Showcase your ethical hiring talents to the world and win confidence of candidates & clients. A valid certification from Hirington certainly helps on building business and increase opportunity for both Individual & the Organization.

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